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Thread: Are you afraid of the dark?

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    Default Are you afraid of the dark?

    Can't fall asleep, went to the kitchen to get a drink. As i was along the hallway, i decided to shoot.

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    Default Are you afraid of the dark?

    Your Thread Title reminded me of the 'Guiness Stout' Ads in chinese. (not a drinker, hope the spelling is correct)
    Dark? what is there to afraid, if you afraid of dark then you white white living in...what a broken english translation. Hope nightbreed didn't see this...

    Creative mind @ work when you can't sleep.

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    yeah i can't sleep either, or rather i slept too early and now i'm awake already.

    great idea.

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    Thanks imet & jOhO . Btw, Nightbreed's thread is very interesting, did read it in office hehee.

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    must be very hard to expose for such shots did u bracket a lot of times

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    Didnt bracket, I just shot many times, it was in a way more convenient then to set the cam to bracketing. It was stupid, kept switching my hallway lights on and switch to change the settings. The Dimage 7i focusing refuse to work well under such light.

    Btw, the original shot is slightly more illuminated since I set longer exposure and somehow it managed to focus. I PS'ed the levels to darken the frame.

    Maybe I can try the bracketing tonight, that is if I cant sleep. :P
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    hmm yeah..about there. i was thinking along the lines of say 35mm, manual focus, ISO 400 minus one stop, f5.6, bracket shutetr speed ;-)

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    li hai...
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