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Thread: Whats a good sub $800 digicam ?

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    Wink Whats a good sub $800 digicam ?

    Hie guys,

    My brother is looking for a digital camera, sub $800 range, and he is interested in taking up photography. I have long lost touch with the fixed lens digicam scene.... so I need some recommendations. I was thinking abt the Canon S1 with IS. What do u recommend , and why ? I hope to receive unbiased ideas.

    THanks man.

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    eh...try the fuji s5000 or cannon a80 ...

    both are pretty good.. can get pretty decent shots with them...not sure about the rest though..coz these are the two i normally see others using...

    otherwise...try an olympus...their camedia range comes with a whole load of modes....all automatic of coz...but if u see night mode in the day for example....u can fool the camera into working on slow shutter etc etc....

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    i'll recomand u fuji 602zoom with ur budget. its a decent camera. you still have a hundred bucks or more to buy acceriosses for ur camera. like flash,filters blah blah..

    juz my 2cents
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