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    Hi all,

    Im seriously in need of advice over here. I have a sony HVP- 1000E Video Camcorder. It works fine but when I plug the firewire to my desktop pc, the camcorder just couldn be detected!!

    I have plugged in, plugged out, restart pc many times, tried to google for help... but to no avail. Now I cant get the raw footages out... N Im dry....

    Any kind souls out there willing to give me a hand?

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    Sorry, it's Sony HDR-FX1e

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    You PC must have this port:

    Cable that you need to transfer.

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    Yup, thanks for the reply. I have the firewire port, which detects my firewire HDD when I plug in. The device states IEEE 1934, and I have the cable as well. However, when I plug in the Camcorder, no camera device is displayed at the capturing option in my Adobe Premiere.

    Any idea?

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    Sorry, IEEE 1394

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    Can you determine if your Firewire port is working?

    (Assuming you are on Windows Vista)
    [Start button] -> [Control Panel] -> [Device Manager]

    Look for IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controller
    If it is listed and there is yellow exclamation mark on it, then it should be working.

    Try connecting to a different computer with Firewire?

    Helping you to diagnose your problem does help which part is the problematic part.

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