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    Default The lone goose

    Took these while trying out my new vario sonnar 80-200mm.

    Which orientation do you think is better? Do you think I have placed the goose well in the photo?


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    1st pic works for me..
    vario sonnar 80-200mm. Leica???..Wahzz..
    yup e first one works for me, juz cannot explain in words it juz does..
    Zeng Liwei | Photos

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    I think if you are able to catch a wider view of the photo with a quiet landscape that comes with a feel of serenity and adding this goose to the foreground would add an impact to your title. just my 0.02 cents

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    I prefer the first pic. I reason I can think off is that there are more 'complete circular ripples' in the first pic.

    The second orientation would be better if the top portion is a different background, say the sky or trees etc; and photo the goose from a lower view. Just my opinion.

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    I like the first one better. But might be better if the goose is at the top left instead of bottom right? Cause the goose is sort of looking out of the picture now.

    It's a interesting picture, the ripple, shadow, and water surface make a very nice image. Can share your speed and aperture?


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