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Thread: 18-55mm / 50mm f1.8 II / 70-200mm f4L

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    Default 18-55mm / 50mm f1.8 II / 70-200mm f4L

    I've gotten my 550d kit 1 almost about 2 months ago.
    Been using the 18-55mm lens since then. Planning on getting the 50mm f1.8 II to shoot portraits. Saw some pictures using that lens. The bokeh looks decent. Question is will the capabilities of the 18-55mm lens overlap that of the 50mm f1.8 II lens?

    Second question is regarding telephoto zoom lens.
    I've been eyeing the 70-200mm f4 non is L lens for quite some time.
    From what I see this lens produces crisp and 'solid-coloured' pictures. And I've also read reviews that the f4 version produces crispier and better colors than the f2.8 version while the f2.8 one has a better bokeh.
    What do you guys think? Should I get the 70-200mm f4L non is lens? Is it a worth it long term investment for a newbie?

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    Default Re: 18-55mm / 50mm f1.8 II / 70-200mm f4L

    I think there is no harm getting a 50 1.8 to try the feeling of prime lens since it's very cheap (2nd hand $90 can get?). I am quite new also and I have used that more for low light situations whereby the f1.8 (f2.5 onwards is sharper) allows higher shutter speed compared to the kit lens at 50mm.

    70-200 f4 is a good buy i think if you are on a budget too as it gives u a nice add on in terms of focal length. But also it seems that you are interested in bokeh as well. So depends on what is your priority. If is protrait lens with nice bokeh then maybe you can consider 851.8 (don't need 50 1.8) anymore.

    If is general usage for various types of photography personally I will go for 70-200 f4 for a more 'complete' package if you know what I mean. Maybe a cheap 50 1.8 to help in low light situation.


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