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    of late, i am thinking whether shld i be getting a roller bag like think tank takeoff, as in my last trip, all in with laptop, i am carrying 12~15kg on my back, of cos after reaching hotel, off load laptop and some stuff like some lens not taking out, i am still carrying about 10kg (may be less) on my back + tripod for day tour, i am thinking shld i be getting the roller bag which might reduce the back stress.

    i also wonder does owner of these roller bag, did you bring all your camera gears with roller bag, after reaching hotel, may be you change to think tank beltpacks system for outing? what you think of this combination?

    i am talking about rolling camera bag + beltpacks combo..
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    i think this is the best topic no body can answer....

    ok, i try out the belt-pack system, i find it good for walk about, easy to swop lenses, but such system is no good for airport transfer....what shld i do? and the belt pack is abit too bulky to go into my luggage.
    Canon/24-105mm f4L IS/70-200 f2.8L IS/100 f2.8 Macro L IS/430ExII

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    I think what you suggested is possible. I'm also trying out this way of carrying my camera equipment but I got less stuff than you do. I use a crumpler messenger bag instead. Its heavy but I prefer sling and my load at the moment is still manageable.


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