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Thread: AIPO Dry Cabinet Distributor (Singapore)

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    Thumbs up AIPO Dry Cabinet Distributor (Singapore)


    New Product Release!!! ICode from Korea

    List Price SGD30. Right now with any purchase of AIPO Dry Cabinet, just add on SGD18, you can get any colour that you likes (Limited Stock)!!!


    So you love photography, and your precious gear. How do you show your tender loving care to your camera and lens? No, you don't kiss them and say 'I love you' but hey, nobody's stopping you.

    Whether it's a hobby or a profession, dSLRs don't come in cheap. And since photography is an optics game before anything else, the lens is easily the most important accessory for your camera. Most lens usually cost at least as much as the camera body. Hence taking care of your lens (and your camera of course) should be of utmost importance to the serious photographer.

    Most rely on bags to protect their precious when out in the world. While bags are especially useful in storing camera gear on the go, they do not provide the necessary protection when not on the go. Bags do not protect against moisture caused by humidity, and because Singapore has a tropical climate, there is quite a lot of humidity to protect your gear from. But why exactly do we need to protect against humidity? We need to protect against fungus.

    Fungus starts to grow on camera lens and components given the ideal circumstance. They do not just breed on our feet and cause athlete's foot or foot rot. That's just nasty by the way. Fungus growths on camera equipment can be detected only after 1-2 years of use, which is usually too late. In such cases, one needs to opt for lens cleaning services which are VERY expensive. These cleaning services also cause some level of deterioration on the lens.

    As with diseases like H1N1: Prevent is better than cure. This applies to a lot of other things, camera care (and other gadgets for that matter) inclusive. And Say “NO” to Fungus.

    Get yourself a dry cabinet for your photography equipment and keep your precious gear dry and fungus-free.

    A Dry Cabinet, is a container box that keeps equipment dry. There are two types: analog and digital, the latter being a bit more expensive but a lot more convenient. And among the digital dry box brands, I would recommend looking for AIPO. This Taiwan-based company has had a long history of hi-tech manufacturing of damp-proof products, combining the design, development, production and sale into a whole.

    The AIPO Dry Cabinet maintains a low humidity inside the cabinet. This helps prevent items from being damaged by mould, fungus, rust or absorbing moisture. The cabinet is ideal for the moisture-proof storage of photographic equipment and can save those expensive lens cleans. Can also be used to store CDs and any items of value vulnerable.

    What is the different between Analog Controller and Digital Controller?

    Some Brand - Analog Dry cabinet is using silica gel as their dehumidifier.
    You can notice at the back of this kind of dry cabinet behind there is a silica gel module. This silica gel module is using to absorb moisture from internal dry cabinet.

    After that, the module uses heater to heat it up the silica gel and vaporize the moisture go outside of dry cabinet. As we know the silicon gel has a life spend/ time. Performance of silica gel also will be decreasing after some months or year

    In term of technical terms, dry cabinet controller can be classified into “Closed Loop” and “Open Loop”
    “Closed Loop” which is used in the Digital Controller Dry Cabinet . The target RH is set at the front door (conveniently combined with the RH display) and the system will switch off once the target RH is reached. After opening the door (and increasing the RH) the system starts automatically till it reached target RH. That's what technicians call 'feedback loop'.

    Analog controller is using open loop that does not have any feedback or automatic switch off. But they have a digital RH display as well. The aim here is to achieve the target RH by adjusting the "drying power" (output) of the condenser. One needs to find this point with a bit trial and error and the knob and that's where the complaints come from. Looking at the forums one can see that after some time most people get their dry cabinet to target RH and it's done. A few need repair, though.

    AIPO Digital TE Cooling wafer condensation dehumidifying system is the most advanced among similar products in the world. It makes use of West-Germany-made sensors, multi-purpose CN microcomputer displays, and Taiwan-made electronic dehumidifying elements to solve the damp-proof problem for a great number of high-tech sophisticated equipment and made lots of special damp-proof instrument cabins.

    It adopts the latest TE cooling wafer design. When the humidity in the cabinet (RH %) exceeds the setting value, the microcomputer will activate the cooling wafer automatically and moisture will be condensed and frosted immediately on a collecting board. When the humidity in the cabinet becomes lower than the setting value, the cooling wafer will be deactivated automatically. Then, the frost on the collecting board defreezes to water, which is absorbed and given off naturally when flowing through guide holes, thus achieving dehumidifcation effect.

    It makes use of the cooling and thermal performance of semi-conductor wafers for raising its heat-sinking capability. It is characterized as energy saving, quiet operation, and rapid dehumidification.

    Some brand in the market, they do use the battery with the display device. As we understand, keeping the battery in the device is not good. The high possible is the battery leakage problem. It will be obvious, in most cases, when a battery has started leaking--there will be corrosive fluid on the battery's exterior and on the surfaces of the battery compartment. There also may be an acidic or metallic smell

    The interior electronics of the hyrometer in the cabinet can be damaged by battery leakage. Cleaning and disassembly, but this is very time-consuming and expensive. If comes to worse case, replacing the hyrometer may be the only sensible option. Disposal battery is not a environment friendly as well.

    LED Light – “Think Beyond The Bulb”.

    AIPO Dry Cabinet always wanted to provide a good product to the customer. Besides, we do consider on the environment friendly. Conjuction with “Singapore Environment Friend Campaign” we have lauched a new series of AIPO Dry Cabinet which comes with LED Light and Plastic Tray.

    What is the advantages using LED light in the cabinet compare with Fluorecent light?
    - LED Light is the most energy efficient under cabinet light fixture.
    - A very low energy consumption level.
    - The LED Task Light is the coolest to the touch.
    - All of the fluorescent under cabinet lights give off very little heat and are very warm to the touch.
    - That is why the fluorescent light is not suitable to place in the cabinet which keeps your expensive camera gadget.
    - Without question the LEDs used in the LED Under Cabinet Task Light have the longest rated life at 50,000+ hours.
    - The fluorescent light bulbs have a rated life of about 5.000 hours to 20,000 hours depending on the type of light bulb and the light fixture in which it's used
    - Contains no mercury making it safer

    There are 10 reasons why you choice AIPO Dry Cabinet
    1) AIPO Dry Cabinet is a digital Dehumidify system C/W Digital Display.
    2) No Battery needed
    3) Not need First time seasoning
    4) 5 Watts power Consume
    5) Latest TE Technology
    6) Automatic humidity control.
    7) Digital display
    8) 5 years Warranty
    9) No thermal and no noise
    10) Competitively priced and value for money.

    You can place an order with

    AIPO Distributor Singapore (Ms. Mok)
    AIPO Tech (Singapore) OR
    Tel: 9007 5682

    AIPO Agents

    Do visit Shop AT
    Alan Photo Trading
    1 Rochor Canal Road
    #01-38 Sim Lim Square, Singapore 188504
    Contact No. : +(65) 6336 0922
    Working hours : 10.30am to 8.30pm (Mon - Sat)
    10.30am to 7.30pm (Sun)

    Alan Photo Trading
    109 North Bridge Road #02-07
    FUNAN The IT Mall Singapore 179097
    Contact No. : +(65) 6883 0922
    Working hours : 10.30am to 8.30pm (Mon - Sat)
    10.30am to 7.30pm (Sun)

    Eastern Art Photo Store
    No 1 North Bridge Road,
    #03-10 High Street Centre
    Singapore 179094
    Tel: 6222 8213/4
    Business Hours: Mon to Sat 9:00 AM - 630PM

    The Camera corner
    3 Coleman Street, #B1-14
    Peninsula Shopping Centre
    HP: 9686 3656 (Leslie)

    K-13 Marketing
    No 111, North Bridge Road,
    #02-16 Penisula Plaza
    Tel: 6336 6995, 6339 5330
    HP: 9643 5908 (Tony Tan)

    *More AIPO Agent is required. If interested carry product of AIPO, please do not hesitate to PM/contact me.
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    Following is the models available:
    Each model consists of 2 Series
    Series A: Metal Tray
    Series B: Plastic Tray + LED Light

    Model: AP 38EX
    Type: Digital Controller and Digital Display
    Capacity: 38L
    External Dimension: W290 X H450 X D300mm

    Model: AP 48EX
    Type: Digital Controller and Digital Display
    Capacity: 48L
    External Dimension: W290 X H570 X D300mm

    Model: AP 68EX
    Type: Digital Controller and Digital Display
    Capacity: 68L
    External Dimension: W380 X H499 X D390mm

    Model: AP 88EX
    Type: Digital Controller and Digital Display
    Capacity: 88L
    External Dimension: W380 X H604 X D390mm

    Model: AP 102EX
    Type: Digital Controller and Digital Display
    Capacity: 102L
    External Dimension: W380 X H754 X D390mm

    Model: AP 132EX
    Type: Digital Controller and Digital Display
    Capacity: 132L
    External Dimension:W380 x D390 x H941 mm

    Model: AP 155EX
    Type: Digital Controller and Digital Display
    Capacity: 155L
    External Dimension:W380 x D390 x H1185 mm

    ================================================== ================================================== =======================

    AP 38 EX (W290 X D300 X H450mm)

    Normally suitable for 1 Camera Body and 1 Lens. Most suitable for beginner

    AP 48 EX (W290 X D300 X H570mm) (The most suitable in the market!!!!)

    Normally suitable for 1 Camera Body and 2~3 Lens.

    AP38EX and AP48EX is most suitable for the beginner.
    Recommend to place the camera in the lowest layer. As the camera body slight heavy.
    The lens can be placed as the top or middle layers.

    The different between AP38EX and AP48EX besides the capacity, AP48EX comes with 3 layers but AP38EX comes with 2 layers.

    AP68EX (W380 X H499 X D390mm)

    AP88EX (W380 X H604 X D390mm) (Popular!!!)

    AP68EX and AP88EX for most suitable those have more than 1 camera body.

    Above just a suggestion. For more information, you can contact the AIPO Agent/Distributor.
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    AP102EX (W380 X H754 X D390mm)

    AP132EX (W380 X H941 X D230mm)

    AP155EX(W380 x D390 x H1185 mm)

    AP132EX and AP155EX is comes with 2 doors. Due to high capacity, it is required 2 modules to run.

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    New Series Comes with LED + Plastic Tray

    LED Light on the side

    You can on the LED with single button.

    Plastic Tray - Reduce the chances of knocking when withdrawing you expensive gadget from cabinet

    Comes with the lock
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    How to operation the digital controller?? As easy as it is. Once you set you can leave it there!!!

    Digital Control Explained

    Digital Control Explained
    a) A digital control utilizes a feedback control loop to accurately control the humidity reading within the preset value.
    b) Users are only required to key-in the ideal %RH once and the rest is being handled by the feedback control loop
    c) The drying module will operate with full rated power whenever the internal %RH is above the preset %RH value
    d) The power supply to the drying module will be cut once the preset %RH is reached, thus ensuring that the internal %RH does not get too dry
    e) An in-built memory makes sure that the preset %RH is stored and no re-adjustment is necessary after a power black-out
    f) No battery is required to operate the digital meter
    g) Much faster drying capability than analog control

    Operating Instructions:
    1. The digital interface commonly displays the current internal %RH.
    2. Press UP, the cabinet will display current temperature reading (C), at the same time SIDE LED will turn on/off.
    3. After awhile, the reading of current temperature will change to current RH reading. As the system needs to calibre the reading the RH constantly.
    4. Press Down, current preset RH value will be displayed. After awhile, the reading will change to current RH.
    5. Press SET once and the “LED Display” will start blinking for 4 seconds.
    6. Adjust UP or DOWN to reach your desired %RH while the “LED Display” is still blinking.
    7. To enter your desired %RH, press SET twice until the LED stops blinking.
    8. The %RH will now drop until it reaches your desired %RH and drying module will turn off automatically. The RUN LED incidate whether the drying module is running or not. The drying module will operate again when the %RH goes above your set value.

    - It is common for the %RH to fluctuate between 1% from your set %RH.
    - There are three readings : Current Temperature, Current RH in your cabinet, Set RH.
    - If the RH has reached the desire/set RH value, drying module will cut-off automatically.
    - The RUN LED (just beside the Digital display) will indicate whether the controller is running.
    - RUN LED turns "ON" when drying module is running.
    - Digital Display will always display current RH, as the drying module constantly calibring the RH and to retain the preset RH in the cabinet.
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    Default Re: AIPO Dry Cabinet Distributor (Singapore)

    Testimonials/Some words from clubsnaps about Digital Controller - AIPO

    Disadvantage of using battery in the hyrometer/display set

    Some comments about analog controller compare with digital controller. Highly recommend of AIPO product

    AIPO Provides good services

    Some advice on size of dry cabinet to be purchased
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    Do you provide local delivery? Any additional charges?

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    pm reply

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    Wink Re: AIPO Dry Cabinet Distributor (Singapore)

    What is the price for the below with delivery ... thks

    AP48EX, AP68EX and AP88EX

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    Default Re: AIPO Dry Cabinet Distributor (Singapore)


    Can advice how to operate the LED light? Just got the latest one with LED light and it does not turn on automatically when u open the cab. seems need to press one of the up or down button? does it turn off automatically?


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    Default Re: AIPO Dry Cabinet Distributor (Singapore)

    PM replied.

    Regarding the how to operate the latest series, I will try to put on the video clip to show how to operation.

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    Could you quote me the price for AP38EX & AP48EX ? delivery charge if any or self collection?


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    could you too quote me a price for ap48ex and delivery charges if any. Thanks.

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    Default Re: AIPO Dry Cabinet Distributor (Singapore)

    PM replied

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    Default Re: AIPO Dry Cabinet Distributor (Singapore)

    Can you quote me the price for the 48L new series?
    If you have stock i dun mind to collect tis week...
    is it cheaper if i opt to collect myself?

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    PM replied

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    can qoute price for 38 and 48 l

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    Default Re: AIPO Dry Cabinet Distributor (Singapore)

    Hi, really interested in the AP38EX and AP48EX.

    Can quote prices?

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    Default Re: AIPO Dry Cabinet Distributor (Singapore)

    Hi there, interested in the 38EX and 48EX, please quote.

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    pm replied

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