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Thread: Who cried during The Passion of the Christ

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    Crying, or shedding of tears, is something you learn as you go thru life.

    Before my father passed away, I never cried when I go to people's funeral. Now, I always shed some tears everytime I go to a funeral. Because now, I know what bereavement feels like.

    My tears pour out like tap water at the point when Mary was running to help Jesus lift up the cross when Jesus fell at one point. Being a parent now also helps me understand how it feels when you see your children suffer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amfibius
    Am I the only one who got more and more irritated as the show went on? If that fella next to you was hurling abuse at the Romans and Pharisees, I wanted to hurl abuse at Mel Gibson!

    I don't know why I went anyway. I mix with Christians like oil mixes with water.
    gosh,i have the SAME FEELING AS WELL! it was sick man. oh i did not cry, but the guy behind me was irratating! he was hurling abusive words at the priets and romans. kept talking!!!
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