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Thread: Subbuteo is BACK! Tournament@Orchard Central!

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    Default Subbuteo is BACK! Tournament@Orchard Central!

    Come this weekend, you will see the revival of long time favourite of us Gen-x'ers.

    Subbuteo is a table football game played one-on-one where miniature football players are flicked, shot and jumped around with finger tips a la carrom-style, in order to kick the ball into your opponents goal post.

    International players from Scotland, England and Australia will come pit themselves head to head against our local heroes such as Den Mulia Yusni, 5 time national champion and 1994 Subbuteo World Cup placing 8th among 24 nations.

    Come and have a blast of macro-action sports guys!

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    Default Re: Subbuteo is BACK! Tournament@Orchard Central!

    Hmmm.. is this a real competition or just an exhibition? I used to have a whole set of Subbuteo with a "league" of national/epl teams. Wonder if they sell merchandise also.

    Will definitely drop by to have a look. Anyone capturing the action there this weekend?
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    Default Re: Subbuteo is BACK! Tournament@Orchard Central!

    Yeah this is a real competition as recognised by TSPA.

    I heard they might be bringing down full sets for sale too.

    Also, there'll be a sign up for a public contest to be held on 3/4 and 10/11 July complete with cool prizes.

    Registrants may get manicure vouchers from a high-end boutique for their female partners!

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    Default Re: Subbuteo is BACK! Tournament@Orchard Central!

    Surprised to know there's still a following in this pre-Internet era game. Will bring my kids there to see.

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    Default Re: Subbuteo is BACK! Tournament@Orchard Central!

    This game definitely brings back plenty of childhood memories
    Will probably drop by to check it out if I have the time...Thanks for the heads up ilurbu!

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    Default Re: Subbuteo is BACK! Tournament@Orchard Central!

    I remember last time that we kids are poor, we use folded papers instead and crushed mini paper balls to play. Kudos!

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    Default Re: Subbuteo is BACK! Tournament@Orchard Central!

    There will be a FREE workshop and contest this weekend 3-4 July and the next 10-11 July, starting at 11am - 5pm at Orchard Central Level 1 Atrium for people to come and participate.

    There will be an iPod Touch up for grabs every weekend as the grand prize and also World Cup leather iPhone cases to be given away.

    Bring your lady partners as there will be limited number of Lady Finger vouchers (read:FREE MANICURE) to be given away and enjoyed while we guys have our fun.

    Those who are interested, please register your space with with your name, email and contact, so that we can arrange for your comfort.

    Den Mulia, the champion of last weekend's Table Football World Cup 2010 will be hosting the workshop for your benefit.

    You may also SMS your interest to 81838139.

    Ole ole ole ole... ole... ole.....
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