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Thread: MLM - Discovery 8 - Scam??? - Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by aryanto View Post
    That would be unlawful imprisonment, but I tried searching with google for "Singapore law unlawful imprisonment" or "Singapore criminal law unlawful imprisonment" but could not find anything relevant. May be the term is different. Not sure if this can fall under kidnapping...
    This should be under unlawful confinement, not unlawful imprisonment
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    Quote Originally Posted by La Fontaine View Post
    Whatever is written in the contract, it is written in sucha way that is almost like saying "Head I win, tail you Loose!" With this kind of contract, you just tell them to fly kite.

    In contract law, there is such thing as an unfair contract and that kind of contract cannot be enforced in the court - in fact, unfair contract can be rendered null and void.
    You are right, I read all the main clauses, each and everyone is to protect the company against withdrawal of the money paid etc...

    If there is no termination or 'get out' clause, would that constitute an unfair contract?

    In any case, this is going to CASE, so lets see what CASE comes up with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by La Fontaine View Post
    Here is a short list of scams that has been floating around for quite a while:

    1 Nigerian scam - they call you, tell you that you can get 200k if you pay them 12k to help them in paying some govt tax to get 3million out of Nigeria. After you pay 12k, there is still 25k to pay some admin fee. After that, another 28k for some agency fee and so forth...... And the 200k vanished in thin air.

    2 China lottery scam - they say you touch some 2million lottery. Similar to above, got to pay this, pay that and so forth.

    3 Van with some extra cheap electronic goods. Samsung 46inch LCD for a mere 200bucks..... too good to be true.

    4 Magic stone scam - they prey on some old aunties in the wet market.

    I am sure folks here have heard of other kinds of scams around.
    Yup, the necessary ingredient for such plots to succeed lies in the victims' mentality -- greed and ignorance.

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    This one is a true scam happened many years ago. I used to have a retail shop in town and one day an ang mo (Italian) "pilot" came in before the opening time and told me a grandfather story about needing some urgent monies and shown me some 1st class European wool materials and claimed that they are worth more than $200 per small bale. He was "kind and trustful" enough to leave the 4 bales with me and asked me to check with the tailor shop for it true value. Ya, the tailor confirmed that it was an expensive stuff and cost more than that.

    The following morning he came to collect them but told me that since I was so nice to help him he would offer to sell to me at $50 per bale. And he said he had another 12 bales (which i checked and seemed to be the same stuff as the 4 bales with me) and together and he would just collect $800 cash from me instead of $4k. As usual out of greed, i went into my pte room to take out the money from my safe and came out within a few mins.

    He left happily and I was so glad to have a great deal too. Over the weekend went to my tailor and was shock to be told that the materials were actually cheap stuff, very low quality

    Up till today I never found out how he managed to change the stuff in a couple of minutes!
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    Quote Originally Posted by boroangel View Post
    Ok...I seriously need some advice here...

    My bro just called me and said he wants to borrow a few K from me. I asked him why and he said he joined a hotel club membership from this company called Discovery 8. And he bought it for $18000, now hes paying $300 every month and he has already paid up $6000.

    He finds this a liability and now wants to get rid of it, he bought it last year.
    Now this Discovery 8 company person tells him there is another buyer who willing to buy the membership for 20K, and my brother has to cough up another 4.5K to show 'intention of selling' before he can sell the membership to the other buyer. Then the guy will pay $20K in installments starting from next year in 4 installments.
    IT all sounds darn fishy to me!!! I supposed the buyer and this company guy are the same person! ****....THis smells from head to toe like a ****ign scam to me...

    What are our options now??? The best is if this membership can be REALLY sold off and we get the money back...I am not going to pay up another 4500 for my brother if the money cannot be gotten back. Is there some association or anyone we can approach to verify this?
    What happens if he stops paying? I rather him lose 6K now than more money later.

    Damn ****ing pissed with my brother now
    wow, timeshare again, wonder why people are still getting conned after so many years.

    he will just be sucked deeper and deeper if he pay this 4.5k. pls go to HWZ travel forum to find out more, many victims are sharing their experience there and maybe your brother could find some solution to cut the loss.

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