Hot ! Rebecca, Sizzling ! Sara



Date/Time & Theme
Session 1: 10 Jul (Sat) 0900 Hrs 1130 Hrs (Outdoor: Bridal Fashion)
Session 2: 10 Jul (Sat) 1400 Hrs 1400 Hrs (Indoor: Lingerie)
Session 3: 10 Jul (Sat) 1500 Hrs 1700 Hrs (Indoor: Lingerie)
Session 4: 1o Jul (Sat) 1800 Hrs 1900 Hrs (Indoor: Lingerie)

** Private bookings can be arranged if ample notice is provided. **

Fees per session:
Bridal Gown: S$40 (Pay by 28/6), thereafter S$60
Lingerie: S$80 (Pay by 28/6), thereafter S$120

Number of Outfits & Style
Bridal: 1x Bridal Gown ea model (Red and Black)
Lingerie: 3x outfits (minimum)

Sequence of Shoot
Bridal: 2 models concurrently (2.5 hrs shoot with 30mins rest)
Lingerie: 1 model each hour only

Bridal: Outdoor, to be released to confirmed participants only
Lingerie: Hotel setting, to be released to confirmed participants only

Number of participants
Bridal: 6 (min); 14 (max)
Lingerie: 4 (min); 7 (max)

Email to to reserve a slot to photoshoot with Hot ! Rebecca, Sizzling ! Sara