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Thread: Please recommand some Photography guide books ;)

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    Default Please recommand some Photography guide books ;)

    Guys, I'd like to find out more about photography skill, and hopefully can get a couple of reference book to get started. If you have come across any good book, care to recommend?

    I'm not so interested in the technical details on how camera works, what's aperture, digital vs film, what's SLR,. blar blar blar,..

    But rather it should straight to the point, how-to, what tactics & preparations requires to take good pictures in category ie. Portrait, Close-up, Macro, Action, etc

    Is there such good photography book?
    I know practice make perfect and experience is the key to successful photographer. However, I think it would be good to get some reference as guide to start of.

    Any suggestions are welcome

    Thanks in advance.
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    Maybe you wanna take a look at this site:

    Apart from listing down some basics in photography (the second right-most scroll-down column), it also gives recommendations to books of different type of photography (the bottom right columns).


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