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Thread: Hi all! :-)

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    Smile Hi all! :-)

    Hi all!

    I'm from Hong Kong and new to Singapore. Nice to meet you all!
    I got a question already... hahaa...
    are there any place I can get some camera stuffs? like dry cabinet and lens cleaning things?
    hope can hang out with you guys later!


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    Hi ricky,

    Welcome to Singapore, and also welcome to Clubsnap! Hope you'll enjoy your stay with us here

    Half of my family roots are in Hong Kong, so that makes us mates? hehehe

    One sure way to meet up people with similar tastes is to join outings organized by other Clubsnap members. That way, you'll be able to share and as well absorb not only knowledge, but also other non-photographic relevant information.

    For cameras stuff, you can try Peninsula Plaza, Peninsula Shopping Centre, and Funan Digital Mall. You can also try out the Marketplace/Mass Sales section of Clubsnap for camera accessories and stuff.

    Do ask if you have any doubts or queries.

    A picture a day keeps the blues away!

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    Welcome to CS

    This thread has all of the common shop addresses:

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    Hi welcome to Singapore and CS!
    Happy staying and shooting!
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    Hi Ricky, and welcome to Clubsnap!

    The photographic stores are more concentrated around the Peninsula/Funan area, though there are also others in places like Sim Lim Square, Ang Mo Kio, etc.
    cleonbus has already provided you with a link that shows some of the popular stores. Go down to some of them and get an idea of prices.
    Best to form some sort of shortlist of things you wanna get first.

    As for hanging out, look under the the gatherings and outings section... cheers!
    Exploring! :)

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    Thank you very much for all the informations!

    I'll keep my eyes on the gathering page!

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    Default Re: Hi all! :-)

    Welcome to CS
    Take the shot!


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