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Thread: Ebay Payment problem.

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    Default Ebay Payment problem.

    Need some advice since I'm new to Ebay stuff.

    I bought a Rear & Body cap from Ebay which is in Korea. I ordered 3 quantity and paid it straight away. The seller gave a prompt reply and said he has shipped it. So I was Happy THE END.

    But it didnt go as plan, after nearly a week, I recieved an email from Paypal that the seller has refunded me the money. I messaged that seller and question on the refund. He didnt reply for very long time. I thought Oklah since he didnt reply meaning the item will never come to me. But the next week, the item came together with other items I bought from other seller. So I got confused.

    Then I message again, still no reply. After like 3 weeks, then he brought up a case with a solution that I send back the item. I was dumbfounded. I closed the case from E-bay by offering another payment though with a reason that I have been trying to contact them regarding this payment matter. Since I find it Mahfan to send the item back.

    The seller messaged me again and agree for the payment. I paid straight away, amount was only 9sgd. I reconfirm my payment with him and he said he recieved it.

    Then AGAIN, the next day, it go refunded by them. I message asking what the hell happen and they said its Paypal fault and ask me to repay again. After that message...I never received message from them anymore. and they didnt reply to my message asking them how to make the payment since they didnt bring up the invoice again.

    They are POWERSELLER. So I trust them.

    So my question:
    1) Should I report to Ebay regarding this?

    2) Can I just straight away pay thru Paypal w/o waiting for their invoice?

    Paypal & Ebay are still new to me.

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    Default Re: Ebay Payment problem.

    Weird! It has never happened to me. So, you paid twice, and they refunded it twice to you?

    Possible to send the ebay link?

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    Default Re: Ebay Payment problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by hongsien View Post
    Weird! It has never happened to me. So, you paid twice, and they refunded it twice to you?

    Possible to send the ebay link?
    Yah, they still havent reply yet since I messaged them last week.
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    Default Re: Ebay Payment problem.

    Chances are it's a system or administrative error, and in light of their total weekly sales volumes, it would cost more to dig in, locate, identify and rectify the error for a $9 sale.

    Write in again, cc to your own email. You could also further write in to ebay's resolution center for the record and as proof of good intent.


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