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    Dear All,

    Yesterday I bought a Sandisk Extreme 16GB CF card. When checking the memory space on the computer, noticed it read :

    Used space : 8 KB
    Free space : 14.8 GB

    What happened to the other memory space? Is this normal?

    Thanks for reading.

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    Even when you buy hard drives, same thing. E.g., if you take a 500GB drive, completely brand new from a shop and plug it in, you will see that the free space is less than 500GB.

    Don't worry and enjoy taking more photos.

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    In Decimal system 1 GB =1,000,000,000 Byte

    In Binary system 1GB=1,073,741,824 Byte.

    If you multiply 14.8X1.074, you'll get close to 16GB.

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    You're not getting anything less but it's because computers uses binary system to count

    As above, your computer "counts" 1 Gb as 1 000 000 000 bytes instead of 1 024 000 000 bytes so on every kilobyte level you "lose 2.4%", on megabyte level you "lose" 4.8% while on gigabyte level you "lose" 7.2%
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    very normal...don't lose sleep over it
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    Thanks everyone for your replies. Now I can sleep better knowing I was not short changed.



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