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Thread: [HELP] Picture problem .

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    Quote Originally Posted by loozhengyuan View Post
    Now my question remains .

    1. Should i use Card Reader to transfer or should i use cable to transfer ?
    2. Many 8GB or one 32GB ? Which is more advisable ? Sandisk Ultra okay right ?
    u can use either cable or card reader, but u shud remove proper way, I mean u need to close all file and click the right bottom icon and select remove.
    2. U can use 8gb, bigger size means more chances of corruption compared to lower one!!
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    The memory card was from Alan Photo coupled in for free i think .

    And yeah , i always safely remove . I think im going to buy 8GB .
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    Quote Originally Posted by gymak90 View Post
    So the preventive measure is to not to fill the card. And delete when necessary, but not to reformat?
    Don't reformat the card. It's not a harddisk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loozhengyuan View Post
    I using sdhc class 4 Kingston 8gb . I reformat every time I start a new shoot . That's about every 300-500 . Too much reformating caused this ? Which brand of card should I get ? Can a faulty reader caused this ?
    Why would you do that? Even harddisk you don't format after every use.

    There's no limit to the read cycles but there is a very important limit to the number of write cycles for flash memory devices. You can Google up more on the limits of flash device write cycles...

    I pretty much learnt about it when researching on SSD drives (which work on Flash memory also) and the big debate during that period about Flash-based harddisk compared to normal harddisk.

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