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Thread: full frame or crop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kit View Post
    I agree to a certain degree. I'm not too sure of the part about "investing" for the future or unexpected needs. A good portion of the working professionals had adopted a digital workflow where the initial cost could be high. So to many, it really doesn't make good business sense to purchase costly equipment which you may or may not be using at all, while they depreciate in value. Perhaps, its essential to get to know how to work with these equipment so you won't be caught out when the occasion arises.

    I still maintain that the single most important thing that a working professional should have is a good portfolio which successfully showcase his/her abilities, not the equipment he/she owns.
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    hmmm i have seen in in 1 of digital phtghy mag edition . 1 of the best pic is from d40x...still an entry level is published... hmm get the right setting, and u will be there beating the rest... well of course to go to the setting is troublesome
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