Just got the above head - a new video head that can pan and tilt only. Great for those lenses with tripod collar. Camera rotation by the collar.

Much better than any ballhead, even those coveted ultimates like the Acratech or the Markins that cost a few times more.

This simple head has got incredibly smooth movement - called fluid movement and no jerkiness like any ballhead. Fluid movement becos there is no metal to metal contact, but grease inbetween. Comes with the standard RC2 plate, so the plate interchangeable with many other Manfrotto head. Rated load is only 2.5kg, but from the construction of it, I am confident that it can take up to 5kg without any problem.

The plate is inserted in by sliding in and there is a safety catch and locking lever that is different from the other standard RC2 mechanism.

Looks like these Italians never cease to have great ideas and improve upon their design. Simply fabulous, effective and very affordable.