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Thread: Dragon boats? Dumplings? where in Singapore??

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    Default Dragon boats? Dumplings? where in Singapore??

    It seems there isn't much promoting of the Chinese Festival "Duan Wu Jie" or Dragon boat festival in Singapore. The festival just passed on like normal days, where there are only a handful of stalls selling dumplings at Bencoleen area and some old folks made some simple offerings at home.

    Whereas my Shanghai colleague told me that in China it was very much different from what I can see here...........gee ... such festival will gradually die of its own cause in no time to come .

    I'm not surprise the younger generations here has no idea what this festival is all about??

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    Default Re: Dragon boats? Dumplings? where in Singapore??

    huh ? I thought they usually have the River Regarta with dragon boating competition (near the old "Marine Police" base in Kallang Rivier) ?
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