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Thread: Be honest!

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    Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 - Most used walk about lens but quite heavy,use for wedding, event.(60%)

    Nikkor DC-Nikkor 105mmf/2D - use for outdoor portraits shooting. (10%)

    Nikkor 85mm f1.4 - indoor studio shooting. (10%)

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    *had a N 18-105, then changed to S 18-250 for the reach. the staple when abroad.
    *T 11-16. more of a landscape shooter, and i use this if the sweep is required.
    *N 35 f1.8. maybe 1-3% usage, when i fancy some portraits.
    *N 85 f1.8. same as the previous point.
    *S 70-300, was a stop-gap when i was overseas and watching pro sports. still has some use if the action can't be brought closer by walking.
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    -Canon 100mm macro f2.8 USM Non-IS 60% i shoot DAY walk about with this also (going to try pano with this)

    -Canon EF-S 18-55mm 40% Kit Lens (getting 10-22mm or 17-55mm to replace this)

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    1. Tamron SP AF 17-50mm F/2.8 XR Di II LD [IF] (40%)
    My general purpose lens for most things.
    Also my most-used event lens.

    2. Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM (30%)
    My most widely used landscape lens. Love it!

    3. Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G (20%)
    This is fast becoming my light-weight setup. Easy lens to shoot simple portraits!

    4. Nikon AF 300mm f/4 ED-IF (10%)
    Special purpose lens. But useful when it counts.

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    My standard carry-around lens: Sigma 24-70/2.8 HSM.

    Then the other secondary-use lenses:
    Minolta 80-200/2.8 HS APO
    Sony CZ 85./1.4
    Sigma 12-24

    Severely underused:
    Sony 50/1.4
    LensBaby 2.0
    And a 1000mm f/10 mirror lens that I used to shoot the moon just once!
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    Tk12-24 - for shooting buildings only. 2%
    Nk18-70 - for general shooting and travel 60%

    Tk28-70 - for portraits, this is my big fav. 30%
    Nk50F1.8 - very good lens, but not enough time to use la

    Nk70-300 - for sports, zoo and the occasional birding. Here too, not enough time to make full use of it la. 5%

    My wish list - Nk70-200VR, Nk24-70. Well only when I move on the FF. But got to consider the weight. Not much fun carrying such heavy gear the whole day leh.

    OOps, forgot to mention the Nk85F1.8 - well, only use very rarely for portraits. I was thinking of selling it away, but, since it ain't gonna to fetch much used, so just let it occupy some space in my dry-cab and I dun need the money either.
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    sigma 30mm 1.4 - 70% for general purpose photography. candids, portraits, some landscapes, great image quality
    sigma 10-20mm - 15% for landscape and creative distortion effects. im also chief group photographer for outings :P
    canon 55-250mm - 15% used for candids and other impossible shots that my baby sigma otherwise cannot take.

    used to have
    canon 18-200mm - loved the convenience, hated the IQ,
    tamron 17-50mm - loved the IQ, hated the noisy AF which also tended to be slow
    canon 50mm 1.8 - i just have a problem with using 50mm coz its too tight on crop body
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    Quote Originally Posted by synapseman View Post
    And a 1000mm f/10 mirror lens that I used to shoot the moon just once!
    This lens looks interesting! Care to post a photo of it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinned79 View Post
    your lens is good enough to pawn all (except prime lens) within 24-85mm range

    but heavy though...
    heavy but need only 1 lens! some people carry 2 lenses to cover that range.

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