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Thread: 3 Kittens Do, Re, Mi, need good owners

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    Default 3 Kittens Do, Re, Mi, need good owners

    The littles ones are about 3-4 weeks old.

    They are siblings and are good natured.
    Affectionate and good with each other and humans.

    Not sterilized.
    In the process of toilet training and de-worming.

    Do, Re and Mi are looking for a warm cosy home and good loving owners only.
    You need to be patient with them and shower them with an extra load of love
    especially at this stage in their lives.

    Please view video below,
    (yes these are the actual kittens)

    John Leng
    wedding photography by john leng

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    Default Re: 3 Kittens Do, Re, Mi, need good owners

    They are sooooo adorable! I would have taken them in if my parents are not such clean freaks.
    Good luck and I hope you'll be able to find them good owners..


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