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Thread: Worth repairing Yashica FR1?

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    Default Worth repairing Yashica FR1?

    My commander passed me his Yashica FR1, and asked me if I could help him see that it gets repaired. Just wondering if it is worth it to actually fix this camera. It comes with a 50mm f/1.4.

    1) Mirror is dirty. (Easy to clean)
    2) Fungus and black spots in the lens.
    3) Flim can't be loaded, the counter dosen't move.
    4) Shutter can't fire.

    I reckon there are more problems, but this is all he has told me so far.

    Will bring camera down to Camera Workshop soon, but just want to get you guys opinion on this first. Thanks.

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    not meaning to compare apples and oranges but US ebay has an FRII+50+135+flash for US$75 - said to be in excellent condition
    now if your commander says "see that it gets repaired" you probably want to check what exactly does he mean by that i.e. at any/all $$costs?? if not and unless he is extremely attached to it you may want to suggest he put it out of its misery and offer to look for a nice secondhand one for him...

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    I told him I'd get a quotation for it first.

    Wow it's worth THAT little eh. Hmm, go down and check.

    With the problems listed, repairs would estimated to be over $100?

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    eh...i tink cleanin out the lens alone will be a bomb compared to the net worth...u should let him know...unless of coz he absolutely loves the camera....

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    This is a electronic body. Parts may be a problem.

    I got a Contax RTS with sigma 24mm lens for S$120 from cash convertor. Both are user condition but in good working condition. This is how cheap MF cameras this day, since every body go digital.

    Anyway no harm getting a quote from TCW.

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    Hmm, thanks for the suggestions guys. I did find a FR1 on ebay too, dirt cheap. Thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

    Think my boss loves this camera, he swore how no other camera has ever produced images of the FR1 with 50mm f/1.4 lens. But it's been spoilt for very long time already he said.

    Any recommendation for similar camera from Kyocera? How are their 35mm fixed lens zooms like?

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    sorry may have been a little too quick to do a write-off - maybe if ur boss is lucky n the body was not seriously abused it will only need some adjustment to stuck gears n rails n CLA - lens however probably not so good if the fungus growth so bad that it became black spots(?) quite sad as the 50/1.4 Yashica I think quite rare - most people bought cheaper 1.7/1.9/2.0 - even more sad if its a CZ - a v.v.good lens - understand ur boss now if this is the case - anyway pls check with TCW - u never know

    if can't be fixed then depending on ur boss' $budget he can look at whole range of Contax models SLR n RF in film n digital - a lot of the used Contax gear is v.well looked after as the stuff not cheap new - good news is that like lieu9310 says RTS user body can be found cheap. For p&s u can look at the Kyocera T-series, I think latest is T5 with 28-70 T* lens - T-series used by lots of streetshooters n even pros as back-up n even some slide shooters

    u can read up on the Contax/Yashica range at - need to read up if u are matching older bodies and lenses as there were some changes

    if ur boss not dead set on Kyocera n willing to consider other brands then maybe u can post new thread with $budget and specs

    only my 2 cents - hope of some help - good luck

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    Heh ok thanks. Think I'll head to TCW tomm when I'm free.

    Anyway, he told me the FR1 with 50mm f/1.4 cost him $700+ in the late 70s.


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