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Thread: Hi everyone out there

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    Default Hi everyone out there

    Dear all,
    Just joined this forum... finally. I have been reading this forum and found the entries really useful

    I am currently looking to upgrade my D40 to D700. I also own a DMC-GF1. I enjoy taking photos of people and landscape. That's all about myself.

    Anyone out there? Recommendations? Suggestions?

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    Default Re: Hi everyone out there

    Got D40 and GF-1 still not enough?

    What is it about these cameras which is limiting you?

    Anyway, welcome to CS
    Exploring! :)

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    Default Re: Hi everyone out there

    welcome to Clubsnap.

    from D40 to D700 is a great jump, in term of size and weight, not talking about the price here as I presume that is not an issue.
    bear in mind that if you don't used to carry heavy set up, you may less willing to use the D700 after the zeal of new camera is over.
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    Default Re: Hi everyone out there


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    Default Re: Hi everyone out there


    D40 to D700 is a BIG Jump~!
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    Default Re: Hi everyone out there

    hi there, i also upgrading soon to d700. hehe.. what lenses do u have currently? landscape , u would probably want a 17-35 f2.8 or 16-35 f4. which is what i m gonna get also..
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    Default Re: Hi everyone out there

    Hi Ben, Welcome to the club. We can't call you newbie ... hmmm, new oldbie?

    Hope you enjoy the stay! Cheers!
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    Default Re: Hi everyone out there

    Welcome to CS

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    Default Re: Hi everyone out there

    Thank you all for making me welcome here.
    Just an update... I gave my D40 away and got myself a D700. The lenses I got are 24-70mm and 50mm.
    I have just completed a photo shoot with it for a wedding (just for fun).
    Yes. Your comments have been correct... D700 is a tad heavier than D40. But, I am enjoying every minute of it. I have brought it to Bali and Darwin. Will post some of the photos I have taken so that you can all crtique. I am really a new oldbie.

    I would like to take on photography as a serious hobby. I hope to keep at it. I need the creative outlet. Since I can't quite paint, photography would be the next best thing

    One of you asked why still not good enough to have GF1 and D40. The GF1 is a fantastic camera. But I just too used to taking photos using the viewfinder and using the LCD screen has its limitations in bright lights. Further, GF1 does not focus as fast as a DSLR.

    Anyway, keep your comments coming. I am here to learn and I think there are so much out there. A firm believer of life-long learning. And photography has endless opportunities for learning

    I will be going to take photos of the city skyline tomorrow. This is for a wall mural at my office. Any suggestions, recommendations? Much appreciated!

    Ben Cho

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    Default Re: Hi everyone out there

    Welcome to CS
    Take the shot!


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