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Thread: Questions about skin tone

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    Default Questions about skin tone

    Hi friends . I've been shooting for a short while and went for a model shoot for the first time a while back. I realized that photos by the other photogs, of the same model and under the same natural lighting, had very different (nicer) skin tones than my photos? I know my way around most of the camera's functions but this is pp is pretty new to me. How do you normally make the models' skin looks nicer with regards to the tone? Is it the lighting? Flash? PP? I heard it also has to do with the tone curve also?
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    This is a joke, do not take it seriously.

    My client usually like to place their product next to my photograph and comment...

    " How come not the same colour ? " To solve this problem, I will always have the product next to printer and match accordingly.

    Maybe can try my method ?

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    is the skin tone you are referring is strictly the color of the human skin only ? not referring to the texture of the skin?

    accurate skin tone most of the time is not that pleasing, so photographers will fine tune the skill tone to make it more healthier look.

    the trick is you have to pay attention on fine details, after see enough good samples of healthy skin tone, you will know how to fine tune it during the post.

    hope this help
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    Think a dermatologist would be most qualified to provide the most accurate answer.

    Perhaps the late King of Pops has still be searching for his perfect skin tone

    Alternatively, those guys working for the SK-II ads might be able to throw in some light on which software they are using.
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