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Thread: Nissin Di866 vs Canon 430EXII

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    Default Nissin Di866 vs Canon 430EXII

    Hi I know something similar has probably been discussed before but I wanna know what you guys think of these two flashes in terms of:

    -Build Quality
    -Communication with Canon cameras/flashes
    -Value for money
    -Ease of use
    -Battery efficient

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Nissin Di866 vs Canon 430EXII

    1. Probably the 430 II
    2. Tie. 430 II can be control from camera, while Di866 needs to use its own menus. BUT Di866 can be Master/Slave, 430 only Slave
    3. Di866 Definitely.
    4. Depends on you.
    5. Hmmm. Not really sure, but at full power probably the 430, purely because it’s weaker GN to begin with, and thus consumes less power. But my Di866 on Eneloops seem to be going on forever.
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    Default Re: Nissin Di866 vs Canon 430EXII

    Di866 can also be controlled by camera. maybe more functions can be controlled in 430exII.


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