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Thread: Any alternative to LZ10?

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    Default Any alternative to LZ10?

    Hi guys,

    I am complete newbie at photography. I would like to start learning using a cheap compact camera with full manual controls. I believe Panasonic Lumix LZ10 is an excellent camera with full manual controls and priced at 200$. But it is obsolete and only 1 shop in Chinatown sells it.

    Is there any other camera at similar price or may be 100$ more that has full manual controls and performs as good as or better than LZ10? Please advise me.

    Any suggestions welcome!!!


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    Why not try buying some older generations of Canon A series. Some shops still have stock for brand new ones.
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    Default Re: Any alternative to LZ10?

    Lumix LZ-8? seems to have manual controls too.... Not sure how much it costs though.
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    Lumix LZ-8 is also obsolete.

    But I managed to get a Nikon CoolPix P50 at Best Denki, Tampines. That model is also outdated. But I got a display set for 129$. It had a light scratch on the LCD, but thats ok, as long as image quality is not affected.

    Anybody has experience with the Nikon P50?

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    A nice model, i own a P60 and love it before trading it up for sx200is


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