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Thread: how do photo kiosks process the pictures?

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    Default how do photo kiosks process the pictures?


    I'm curious how are the photos processed when it goes through the photo kiosks ( those machines where you insert your sd cards/CF, then transfer to mini lab for print, not INSTANT TYPE ).

    I understand that the photos are resized/compressed before they are sent to the lab for printing; here are my questions :

    1. what is the resizing algorithm used?

    2. how can the transfer speed be so fast when the person is using a el-cheapo sd card reader to transfer my images? ( i always convert my RAWs in ACR to full-resolution jpegs, which turn out to be approx 25mb each. ) i went to print about 4gb worth of images yesterday, and amazingly the transfer took less than a minute to complete?

    3. how can i avoid my images being resized/compressed by them again? if i'm not wrong, even if its set @ 1800x1200 (4r) before i print them, the images will still pass through the resizer.

    4. how does the kiosk software sort the photos ? i.e. by what criteria? I already renamed all my files, and change the date modified in order. However, everything appears jumbled up @ the kiosk, and which printed out will be in similar sequence. the auntie ( i printed @ causeway point due to convenience, didn't want to go too far ) can't even understand what i was talking and just said "its like that one lor."

    5. do you guys go through noise reduction filters ( e.g. noiseninja ) before sending for 4R prints? asking because i remember printing iso1600 pics on 4r before ( on my canon 1000d ), and they were really clean. so i was thinking whether to bother cleaning up the images next time round for 4Rs..

    this thread is for those who bother about the nitty-gritty stuff, so those who don't just press "backspace". thanks a million
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    Default Re: how do photo kiosks process the pictures?

    anybody knows?


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