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Thread: How to capture rays of light ?

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    Default How to capture rays of light ?

    Hi All,

    was trying to capture rays of sunlight last Sunday.
    In the end, the pics turns out to be over exposed

    May someone enlighten me on the way to capture rays of sunlight ?

    Need any special filter ?


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    i think somebody asked this some tiem ago..maybe last last month or what...can check the archives

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    since you're using a dSLR you can easily try out the exposure settings. take a few and see.

    that's if you want the ray of light to be prominent.

    the reason this works is coz the ray of light will result in a higher exposure value reading than the surroundings.. (that's why you can see that there's a ray of light there). so underexposing while metering (probably evaluative) will underexpose the averaged surroundings, and the ray of light will just stand out more in the picture.

    hope this helps.


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