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    I am trying to illustrate contrast here... is it called contrast. not sure. But contrary to our 'go green' campaign everywhere, I pity our planet, just like in this shot..

    The tree is gone, only its dying dried roots, with only a little green left on that small green plant. And to complete the suffering, there's a plastic cup.

    I don't know if this shot will appear like rubbish, or it can deliver how I feel when I look at it.

    comments and critiques, on how to show the situation appreciated.

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    A few points here. There is not enough saturation for the picture to stand out nor does the subject pop out to attract attention... This is the main killer.

    Next, the plastic pipe in the BG is distracting and does not add to the scene, consider getting it out of the frame in future before you press the shutter.

    Also, the small amount of green is actually a young shoot trying to grow out. So you may want to rethink about the description.
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    advise.... focus on ONE message per image.... in this case THREE things .... the cup, the pipe in background and the young plant on the rotting tree stump seems to be 3 messages of an overall theme

    suggest doing one of each

    AND........ get a little/alot closer to keep that composition and space well managed .....

    p/s if you want punchier contrast in this image.... suggest that u expose for the green plant

    good luck !!
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    agree with the above comments.

    crop the pipe away. remove the plastic cup. add more contrast otherwise your pic is quite flat.


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