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Thread: Third party lenses

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    Quote Originally Posted by quizesilver View Post
    what i am unsure is
    isnt both depend on the point of your focus?
    Of course you need a reference point from where you can see whether the lens is focusing on something in front or behind the actual focus target. That's why: All focus test procedures and guide clearly state: use the center focus point. Your actual focus sensor is bigger than the marking in viewfinder, make sure there are no distractions. The battery in your example offers plenty of distractions with all the prints and logos. At short distances and due to the thin Depth of Field any distractions can create the impression of focus error.
    Google for "focus test charts", read through the procedure and try to replicate such clean setup for the shop. E.g. wrap the batteries in white tape with single black marking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nexyo View Post
    2 words to say, I'm educated.

    does quality of the lens affect the pictures?
    i d say the lens makes the most difference the sensor is fixed into the camera. haha.

    i dont like post processing and try to achive most of the feel in-camera. as a result, i started trying all sorts of lenses from many other manufacturers. have used minolta MD, fujinon, yashica, canon FD and FL, olympus zuiko, schnieder and a handful of other lenses. every lens has its own character and special rendition even though they might have the same specifications. probably due to coating and multi coating differences.

    so yup. be aware that sharpness isnt everything. most of the time contrast and bokeh play a bigger role in creating the feel than just resolution. micro contrast also v important although i havent fully grasped that concept...

    the 2 lenses that are on my cam most of the time are the nikkor 50 1.2 AIS and 135 f2.0 AIS. neither are blistering sharp, but their colour rendition and contrast are really nice. bokeh dun need to say lah.. =P

    F3, FTN, D700, just primes =)

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