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    I need help on lens filter.

    Q1) To shoot under strong sunlight (eg beaches), what kind of filter is good ? Cir. Polariser ? UV ? ??

    I read so many types of filter, cir polariser, linear, UV etc etc.. very lost !

    Q2 ) B+W Cir Polariser is double the price of Hoya Cir Polariser and erywhere has no stocks (CP, MSC, AP) ! I was also told by the camera shop that is quite thick.

    Would there be a big difference in using B+W Cir Polariser vs Hoya Cir Polariser ?

    Thanks for any help.

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    What filter you use depends on what effect you want to get. There's no one filter fits all situation, and given the same situation, individual opinion on what filter to use differs according to what they want to achieve.

    Circular polariser is used to saturate colours and cut down o reflections; it works best when the lens is 90 degrees away from the sun, and if your lens is around 28mm above in focal length (if its wider, you are going to get uneven polarising effect). Linear polarisers might not work with autofocus. Buy circular one is safer.

    If the sunlight is too strong and you want to shoot at a lower shutter speed to achieve a specific effect, use a neutral density filter. A circular polariser can also function as a neutral density as it losses about 1-2 stops of light depending on brand.

    If you want to retain detail in both a bright sky and a darker foreground, use a graduated neutral density.

    UV is usually used for protective purposes. Today's film technology means that film is less sensitive to UV and thus for all practical purposes, UV filters serve no use (more so with digital cameras).

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    Thanks Justarius.

    I got quote on Hoya Super Pro 1 Circular polarizing and B+W Cir Polariser. They are not much different... (probably S$20 diff ?).

    How are the quality of these 2 ? What is your opinion on which brand to go for ?

    Thanks again for the help.


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