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Thread: Minimum hand held shutter speed for DSLRs

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    Quote Originally Posted by ST1100
    The rule of thumb is based on the angle of view...

    ah...angle of view: this is the deciding variable that we were all trying to seive out ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ST1100
    Thanx Bee Hedge. i've looking for a more in-depth treatment of this rule of thumb for a long while already. Anymore links?
    That's the only one I've found so far. The others are about DSLR crop factor and stuff like that. I can send u those links if u want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digit
    There should be no difference to the rule of 1/(focal length) for film or DSLR cameras. The DSLR cropping factor is a 'cropping' factor meaning it only records a certain percentage area compared to the 35mm film. If you focus on a point on a subject and if this point image moves 1mm on a film plane on a film camera, this same point will also move 1mm on a digital sensor regardless if it's 1.6X, 1.5X or 1.3X ...

    Put it another way, if a 1mm length subject is recorded on a film, the same 1mm length is also recorded on the digital sensor. However because we take 35mm film size as reference, hence when you stretch the digital sensor to be the same as the 35mm film size, you thus have the image enlarged. This is your so-called 'focal length multiplier' that you achieved but the image wasn't enlarged when it hit the digital sensor.

    It's no different when you crop using photoshop. Assuming you have a 600x400 image and you crop it to be 300x200. If you resize the cropped image back to 600x400, your image doubled in size. Same thing with film and digital cameras and as such the 1/(focal length) rule applies the same for film and digital.

    I hope my explanation isn't confusing (not very good at explaining things). Worse I hope I'm right ... else all the typing gone to waste
    Hi Digit,

    Thanks for the informative details. You have enlightened me.

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