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    Hi guys,

    I am going to vietnam this sunday! However, I would like to ask whether is there any insurance that will cover our expensive camera gears as I would be backpacking there.


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    Be careful, use common sense, save the money to get some nice souvenirs or bargains back. Can't see how one would need an insurance for backpacking. Pick-pocking is rather common in cities and overall less common in Vietnam than in other countries.

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    Generally no. But some insurance co. allow claims of personal items up to S$500.

    However, it may be too late to consider a travel insurance now as some need you buy the travel insurance 5/7-day prior to the departure of your trip.

    The best travel insurance that provide good claims benefits is AIG. Nevetherless, the cost is also on the high side.

    I always buy my travel insurance from AIG.

    So far, I've not problems with my claims, but I would rather say suay on my side as I need to put forth a claims for all my trip and did not really recovered the cost of purchase as I brought my gear new for each trip.

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    im currently looking around for some good travel insurance as well. Found a rather low cost but covers all the general things ud want. Especially, if ure a standard chartered CC holder, it only costs 88sgd per year, unlimited travel. 90days max per travel. link

    so far, its the cheapest, especially if u do a lot of roaming about out of singapore throughout the year. best bang for buck. granted, they dun cover every nook and cranny of every potential mishaps but u cant win them all, can u


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