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    Hi folks
    I'm sure there's something I'm ignorant of.
    Uploaded images into Aperture 3, the strange thing is when I copied out images from Aperture back to desktop, its resolution have fallen from 5.2MB to 700KB. And I have not made any changes to the image in Aperture.
    Would appreciate some help here.
    Thanks and appreciate it.

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    To me it looks like a workflow issue. Do you understand the workflow in Aperture?
    If you have purchased the software than you should also have the help files, manual and even access to online forum. Next: resolution on MB or kB is nonsense, that's file size. Check your export settings. I guess there is a settings that affects the outcome.

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    You are right, its file size, Nonsense, not sure you can term it that way.
    Anyway its resolved.
    Thanks for your input.


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