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Thread: Where to buy? Canon Printer

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    Default Where to buy? Canon Printer

    Just like to find out where can i get the i990 at and wad is the best price that some of u all have already source out....? also, when is the i9950 coming to singapore? roughly wad price is that? thank you all in advance...

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    For thee best printer price, you can always pop down to Sim Lim Square. They're reknowned for the best prices! For the i9950, the Canon staff mentioned that it'll be available first week of May, when my friend asked them last week. I'm keeping all my recent digital files till he buys the i9950, and then I'll print MY prints on HIS printer. Heheheh!

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    so the i9950 is out in May? I thought already out as I read people selling of old printers to upgrade to that.

    I read from the canon website it will be selling for like $799 which is only a bit more expensive than i9100. It will be injecting 2pl droplets. Will that mean more problems with head clogging??? Anyone tried using other canon printers with 2pl injection system?? Got problem with head clog?


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