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Thread: K-x Kit 2 - 50-200mm

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    been a while since i came into the thread, quite a livid discussion.
    rockdhop - feel free to share information and ask questions.
    felixcat8888 - I have been reading a lot of the stuff that you shared (till bit blurred frankly, overwhelmed!), great stuff u r sharing, especially for newbies like myself straying into the DSLR scene!

    Been reading up alot between the various brands and different models, took me nearly 3 mths to finally set my foot on the k-x, pre-ordered the set and crossing my fingers for the stock to come in. and yes, service is important, but if I do not do my own homework, then the service rendered may be additional $$ I am paying for while getting conned into buying things i do not need!

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