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Thread: NewB shots - New to DSLR

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    Default NewB shots - New to DSLR

    Hi All, New to this forum & DSLR. Hope to give me feedback/suggestions to improve in taking photos.

    All PIC taken by D5000 with 18-55mm.





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    Not a bad start. Perspective is particularly important to take photos of architectures.

    No. 2 & 5 could have used more perspective angles, to make it more dynamic. No 2 particulary doesn't really shows the subject of focus; condo, bridge or sky. Could've been better if the bridge is taken from the start, much like number 4.

    No. 3 could use a bit of exposure compensation, can see that it's starting out to overexpose a little.
    Sony a7R | Vario-Tessar T* FE 24-70mm f/4 - Automotive Photography


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