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Thread: Mount Ophir

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    Quote Originally Posted by liquidforce View Post

    We should have a CS trekking outing one day .. didn't know so many likeminded people in here!
    count me in if not too tough

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    Enjoy the climb and wish you all the best and come back with great photos to share!
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    u might consider the overnight crossover trail, which is go up from the melaka side, and descend from the sagil (johor) side to the popular ledang resort.

    there are more "obstacles" like ropes and ladders along sagil trail.

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    Hi there, actually i just climbed Mt. Ophir earlier this year, somewhere in January. If you've not already known, there will be a new route (starting from Taman Hutan Lagenda Park Office and is called Trail Lagenda) that you might be climbing as compared to the previous years as Mt Ophir is under the National Parks now.

    The route that you will be climbing (if its the same as the one I went through) has not much view. To be exact, you wont be even crossing any waterfalls as compared to the old track. The route that you will face is also treacherous as you will face sickeningly steep up slopes at certain points. The climb will last about 5 hours or so depending on your speed. Bringing a DSLR on top of your backpack is generally still manageable but like the other members said, its best to bring just one lens rather then a few cause it can get troublesome at times but fret not as the DSLR is very durable to a certain extend.

    The camp site that my group and I camped (near an area called Plateau) at is less than an hour near the summit and I assure you it is very cold up there especially at night. A jacket and long pants is really necessary in my honest opinion. Personally for myself, i wore a long sleeve tee and a rather thin jacket and I was practically still shivering that night.

    The view at the summit is gorgeous so enjoy your time up there and take loads of pictures cause the guides won't be rushing you unless u summit in the late afternoon. On that note, don't forget to bring good torch lights ya. Enjoy your climb, enjoy the scenery at the summit and take lotsa pics.
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