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Thread: Samsung announces NX5

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    Wink Samsung announces NX5

    Hi guys, juz read from this site that Samsung is going to release a lower end bro of the NX10, the NX5. The details r in Danish though, price looks competitive too.

    Sorry, dun know where to put this news so thot Samsung & Pentax has some affliation, thats why ended up here

    Edited: Seems to be using the same CMOS sensor w/14MP & pricing is ~699euro, LCD is normal TFT type not the AMOLED in NX10.
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    Default Re: Samsung announces NX5

    Sony has NEX-5

    Samsung has NX5

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    Default Re: Samsung announces NX5

    Aside from the 14.6 megapixel CMOS sensor, the Samsung NX10 and NX5 have nothing in common with the Pentax K-mount DSLRs. No adapter for Pentax K mount lens has yet been announced. In other words, Samsung has moved away from any common standard with Pentax with these cameras. Thread should not be posted under Pentax.


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