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    Hi people,

    This is my first time posting on this forum. Actually I'm a newbie who's really new to photography so hope you guys could guide me along here.

    I just bought a Canon A80 and I've been shooting and playing around with the camera.

    The problem arose when I found out that some of the images I took are blurred. I suppose the camera has those Auto focus frames that selects the subject and blurs the background to make the object stand out.

    But what if the camera "selects" the subject I do not want? Can I change it? Or what if the subject I want is much bigger than what the camera selects? If I'm not wrong, only the objects within the auto focus frames would be sharp... and the others would be blurred so as to make the object stand out. Is that right?

    To give an example, I wanted to take a group photo of many people. The group takes up most of the image size... yet the camera focuses only on a few people. When I printed the image out, only the faces of a few people are sharp... the rest are blurred. Do you all know how I can alter the auto focusing mechanism of the camera?

    Sorry for this long post... but I've tried reading the instructions manual and tried switching off the AF mode, but still didn't work... I'm exasperated.

    Please help if you could. I'll really appreciate it!


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    Switch off AiAf from the menu. There will now be a square in the middle of the viewfiender. That's your focus point. Things not inside the square can still be in focus - depending on how far away they are from you and how far away the thing is that you have focussed on.

    The scenario you mentioned is not an issue of focus, but lack of depth of field. Switch the camera to aperture mode and increase the aperture to say f8 or so. Increased aperture will give you more depth of field, but shutter speed will be lower. So you'll need to shoot in good light or use a tripod to steady the camera.

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    Hey thanks for your reply.

    Wah but I'm surprised it's not as easy as I think just to take a simple group photo! My last camera was a simple point and shoot digicam... it worked pretty well and managed to capture images without any hitches. i.e, when taking a group photo, everyone in the picture comes out sharp and not blurred. I didn't know using this A80 requires so much manual adjustments.

    By the way, AF chooses the subject for us. Is there a way for us to choose the subject ourselves?

    Cheers and thanks!


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