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Thread: Wat's the diff between sharp and unsharp?

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    Default Wat's the diff between sharp and unsharp?

    In photoshop, i encounter this 2 filters. Should i sharp or unsharp my image b4 printing?. And at wat setting should i set to be considered as "oversharpen"?? Regards

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    Using the unsharp mask allows you greater control over the degree of sharpening that takes place.

    You may want to refer to

    for more information.

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    Unsharp mask and sharpen are both sharpening tools. Sharpening sharpens a predefined value. UnSharp mask got its name from a darkroom technique for sharpening (weird name huh), in photoshop, unsharp mask allows a better control over the sharpening.

    How sharp, is kind of depends on one's preference...


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