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    Hi all,

    Have any one here tried transfering the recorded content in the Hubstation into PC? I've some recorded documentary shows that i would like to keep for future viewing.

    I've a habit of recording travel documentary so that i can review them again when i plan for my oversea trips. A pictorial presentation with recommendation from the host helps me alot in my planning. Now with the disk space filling up fast, i need to free up the space. Can anyone advise how to go about doing it.

    Thanks and regards,
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    Would like to know as well.
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    i use a HDD recorder and have no problems

    can you burn the recording to DVD?

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    I played it output to my vosonic HDD and then transferred the file tO PC. but resolution is not fantastic.

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    So i need a HDD as a transfering media?
    I was hopping there's a direct transfering method (eg. from hubstation to pc).

    Bro nicZnap:
    When you say resolution not fantastic, you mean there's a drop in quality, is it very drastic? I don't expect it to be in HD standard, afterall, its recorded from channel 8 / U channel. However, I also hope it does not degrade to those moldy video quality we experience when we play those long archieve video tapes. Lastly, how much you paid for your vosonic HDD and where can i get it. Thanks alot.

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    No, because basically one is a video output and our computer don't have video inputs unless you buy a dedicated hardware card and plug into your comp. I had this same question a couple of years ago... ended up carrying the whole box to a friend's place

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    You can only playback the recorded video @ the hubstation and record it to other recording video device VCR or Media Recorder.
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    Thanks all for the assistance. Now I've clear my doubt. Eyeing for the 'Pinnacle video transfer' during up-coming PC show to do the transfer. Hope it serve the purpose.

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    Best solution is to use your pc to do the recording and be done with it. No hubstation hassle. Only thing is you need to set the channel on the box.
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    this is a dumb and super outdated thomson DVB-C DVR that can't work without hooking to the SCV digital point.
    Some one said this in xtremeplace webiste

    another asked this
    4) is it possible to 'transfer' recordings on the hdd out to a vcr/dvd-recorder & how? can continue to watch tv while doing so?
    and this is the answer
    4) Nope, cannot transfer out. Unless while you play back your recorded program at Hub Station and at the same time doing to recording using your DVDR and you would need to play back till the end. Cannot change channel or watch other channel. Only playback.

    When I learned much earlier that Thomson made the Hubstation, I immediately disliked it.

    With my current digital SCV STB setup, I connect to an LG Hardisk recorder. Record the shows.
    Then transfer (FAST) burn to DVDRW or DVDR. Very Fast. To burn a 2 hour show, no need to wait 2 hours like the silly Hubstation.

    But if you have edited the recording on the LG, then recording to DVDRW or DVDR will take full length of the playback, i.e. 2 hours for a 2 hour recording.
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