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Thread: Upgrading from G3 to Pro1.. or maybe a DSLR?

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    Default Upgrading from G3 to Pro1.. or maybe a DSLR?

    Fellow photographers... I previously owned a Canon G3, now looking for an upgrade.. eyeing the Pro1..

    but should i spend a bit more and go for the D70 or 300D instead? they're much bigger in size.. and I'm not so sure about lugging them around on a long holiday.. DSLR owners care to share with me your plunge to the dark side?

    + Better Image & performance
    + Wide range of upgradables.. (not sure if this is good)
    + advantages of SLRs in general

    - no Vari-Angle LCD
    - whoppingly ex lenses
    - hefty and bulky

    the Pro1 looks good, but pricing wise, i'm not sure if i'm getting enough improvement from G3.. Would be using my cam for my hobby in photography, plan to stick to it for yrs..

    + bigger & higher Res LCD
    +hi res EVF
    + higher res LCD
    +7x Zoom

    - slower lens

    think.. think.. think... leaning more towards the Pro1, jes dunno if i would regret not making the plunge into DSLRs..


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    take up DSLR.. come to the dark side... you wont regret..

    I moving towards the dar side too.. i have used my friend DSLR.. and the results I get is good... As for wat brand to get..I a nikon user so I would say D70..

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    i agree... get to the dark side... its a black hole where u'll never regret that u jumped into... DSLRing is much better... Quality and all... U won't regret...

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    Moving to the Pro1 is not much of an improvement just as you have will be almost getting back the same cam...

    A move to DSLR will be more significant, more room for you to learn, experiment and grow. Save the $$$ from the Pro1 for something better later on if u can't afford...maybe wait for the rumoured 10D Mark II?...

    what u think? Just my 2 cents
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