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hi there,
been using the kit lens 18-55 for almost a yr. i bough the cam mainly to take photos of my dogs and also scenaries when gg to places of attractions like zoo etc and also overseas. i feel that the kit lens cant really capture the nice scenary; like i cant zoom to take details or take closer shots. can any kind soul suggest a suitable lens?

also, if i wan to capture my dogs running in the field? what settings is the best?

thank you very much!
if got money, 70-200 f2.8, abit lesser money get 70-200 f4, even lesser money get 55-250.
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A telephoto fits ur needs on top of ur kit lens. If the budget permits, go for 70-200 f2.8 L (with IS or without), if not, there's always the f4 alternative...

For action shots, i suggest u switch to shutter priority, 3D tracking/Mulitple AF points and shoot in Burst mode.

Canon got no 3D tracking...I think.