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Thread: Recommendation for Digi cam w/ Video

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    Default Recommendation for Digi cam w/ Video

    a friend of mine need me to recommend her a digi cam with video capability.
    Roughly she wans something like this:

    3.2 mp.
    Video w/ sounds, at least 2 mins.
    Optical and Digi Zoom
    Budget: $500 (prefer a new set)

    any can recommend ? I tot of A70, wat do u guys think?


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    Canon A75. should be under $500 new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJ23
    Canon A75. should be under $500 new.
    ok thanks! ... think will go for canon

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    Hmm ... for "HER", I think a more suitable digicam will be Nikon 3700.
    More compact and stylish. Price also about the same as Canon A75.

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    i think you should give her something compact n nice like panasonic DMC fx1 as i also have one to give to my wife n
    she loves the design n easy to carry around, it also user friendly.


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