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Thread: Just a thought on Lens option

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    Quote Originally Posted by conkeychua View Post
    HI Bro, I have all your suggestion in place except the PP part of it.... still learning still trying

    End of the day i want to know is a 24-70 from canon, nikkon and sigma yields the same result after PP or not. Any takes?

    Also, i fully agree with you on the camera portion.

    you can easily check out the lens characteristics from test sites.

    you can have maximum IQ, the nicest colour, but at the end of the day, good composition and understanding how to work within limits of your tools is more important than the tool itself. when you understand how your tools work, you will know what you want to get.

    some people throw money at expensive lenses, produce crap photos, and then keep harping on and on about how their lenses so sharp, build quality so good. as long as you don't fall into that trap, you should be fine.

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    your thread reminds me of initial D (the comic or movie whichever u have seen) a good driver might win a race whose opponents have better cars..
    but then, u really have to be a very good driver (photographer) to be able to match or win someone with mediocre skills with a better machine and lenses..
    You might park better with your hyundai (no offence to hyundai owners haha), but u will never be faster than a lambo (unless your challenge is who is faster at pumping their petrol i in a kiosk).
    Companies produce so many difference lenses and bodies not only to make life easier for u, they want u to take better pics. Give a good photographer a camera, and he can give u a nice picture. Give a good photographer good gears, and he can take an award winning photograph..

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