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    Known for her ethereal, tranquil, emotive and dreamlike images, award-winning Singaporean fashion and commercial photographer, Zhang Jingna, will unveil a series of never before seen images for her new exhibition - Angel Dreams.

    The collection will consist of Japanese themed pieces, an exclusive collaboration with Japanese musician SUGIZO (Luna Sea, X Japan, Juno Reactor), as well as other unpublished personal works, created mostly during Zhang's stays in Tokyo and Kyoto in the last two years.

    Immersed in Japanese anime as a child, Zhang grew up to Japanese rock, manga and art books. The influences from the culture are evident not only in her Japanese-themed photographs, but also the little details, moods, and elements in all her images.

    With the support of Japan Creative Centre, Embassy of Japan and Canon, Zhang pays tribute to one of the major influential cultures in her life and works.

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    Z E M O T I O N by idol
    always the Light, .... always.

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    z e m o t i o n By idol
    she's my idol too :d:d:d
    Clean. Simple. Makes out a good composition.


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