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Thread: Full Day Basic Studio Photography WORKSHOP #3 --25/04/2004

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    Hi guys,

    I've received the payment and indicated it on the 1st post

    Cheers ppl and see you soon this week pass kinda fast for me !

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    1) nolongerloner - paid
    2) Rapidmax - Paid
    3)argent2 - Paid
    4)hoppinghippo - Paid
    5)Deep5 - Paid
    6)Oleo - Paid

    Gracias And See ya all, Sunday !

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    Upz for Brett's workshops, we had a really good time there, thanks a lot man and thanks to all my friends who attended!

    Very inspiring!!!

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    yeah I had a great time too!!! really informative and fun!

    btw brett, did I leave my cap at your place? can't seem to find it!

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    Hi Rapid/Hippo !

    Yes you left a Nike Cap here can come any time to take it ! Very very nice to have met yet another bunch of fun photographers ! Glad you guys enjoyed and benifited from this course ! Will see you guys again soon for meet ups n networking sessions !

    Many Thanks !!

    Brett Lu !

    ps (for those keen to learn too) : Latest course details here
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