Bryan, I think u have to agree with me that It is a good purchase.

I just brought the T1205X without head for $260.00

Before making the final decision on whether to get together with G20/G10, there is some thots going on.

1. Since I already have markins M10, will I use a lower capacity BH even if it is slightly lighter?

Ans: I may not...

2. Can I fully utilise the traveler function if I use Markins M10 on T1205X.

Ans: After trying at TK Photo, I was delighted that Markins M10 + T1205X can be kept folded in the bag provided, which it is really more then good enough for me.

I also ask myself which tripod do I need.

Fotopro colourful tripod, T1205X, T2205X or Gitzo 1541T

Fotopro is nice but going at $180(IIRC) for a aluminium tripod with a BH which most likely will not be using. <----- no deal for this tripod for me.

Gitzo 1541T is really beautiful! best of all above. but I dun intend to pay for the price tag yet.

T2205X or T1205X?

T2205X will be cool if you are looking in a slightly taller and stable solution. to me, it defeat the purpose of using it as a traveler tripod which you require a light weight solution. Price wise no issue as the diff is not much.

However, If there is stock for Horusbennu C-1540TM, I will definitely give up others without consideration and go for Horusbennu.