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Thread: Architectural + Cityscape Photography #5

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff7id View Post
    Too bad that I am still no.1 in the reservation list.

    How's your shoot today ?
    Sorry Jeff,

    I should have placed you in the list cos I wasn't able to make it although I got into the top list. Woke up at 5am and was feeling like hell.

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    really love architectural + cityscape photography, too bad my skill suck hope can join and learn from the seniors in the future
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    What's great & informative outing..

    Thanks to Bro Kit , coolthought & Wildcat with yours clear description of "Migthy Feature" for the great tripod..

    Aiyo..luckly till now not kill by those poison..

    I had submit my 'homework' (pictures) @ HERE!

    Comment of the picture are great welcome..thks.
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